One of the new girls who has recently joined our elite escorts agency is totally body obsessed. She is a lot younger than most of the other girls who have worked for the same London escorts service for a few years now. One thing that I immediately noticed about her was that she did not seem to feel very good about her own body. Like so many other girls her age, she is very much influenced by social media and the images she comes across on social media sites such as Instagram.

She is not the only one. I have met other London escorts who actually believe that many of the images that they see on social media are real. That is not true. Take a closer look and you will soon discover that many of them have been airbrushed and look really fake. A lot of the girls that you will find photographed on social media networks have altered their photographs or even had cosmetic surgery. That can have a negative effect on other young women, and even London escorts. In fact, I think it can give other girls a bad body image.

Does everything have to be fake? We live in a rather upside-down world. You don’t know what is for real anymore and I think that a lot of people find that hard to deal with. I know a lot of London escorts who feel really bad about their bodies even though they are really gorgeous and sexy girls. Younger London escorts are in particular affected by the perfect body image which is portrayed on social media sites. They look at themselves in the mirror and wish that they would look as perfect as the girls on Instagram.

What can be done about this? I know that many magazines have recently started to talk about our attitude towards our own body image. But, at the same time, magazines often publish photos of both young and mature women looking absolutely perfect. Yes, I think that it is a good idea to talk about these things, but at the same time, I think it is important for both publications and websites to adopt a more realistic attitude. Instead of showing a bunch of fake images – why don’t they show some real ones?

Are London escorts blameless? No, I can think of one London escorts agency that is completely blameless. Many top class London escorts agencies do post images of girls who look like models on their sites. It puts a lot of pressure on us all to look good all of the time. Do gents realise that some of the images used have been airbrushed? I think that they do and they have learned to take images with a pinch of salt. That is what many young girls should do when they come across so called perfect looking images online. Many of them are fake images and the sooner you accept that the better you will feel about yourself.