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Me & You

This set of cards is a tool to simulate educational conversations about violence in intimate relationships among teenagers and among adults and teenagers. Representation of diversities has been carefully taken into consideration in order to allow every player to identify with the figures and the situations depicted.
  • Characters

    The character cards depict 10 different people that can be potentially involved in a situation of violence with different positions: as victims, perpetrators, witnesses, rivals or supporters. Some cards represent a single character, while others represent a group of people like friends or family.

  • Common Statements

    The common sense cards consist of 11 statements that put into question stereotypical, but widely shared opinions on how boys and girls should behave or feel concerning sexuality, emotions or gender expression.

  • Definitions

    The definition cards represent 6 key statements defining as many phenomena that we identify as crucial for the purpose of this tool, such as gender based violence, sexual harassment or sexism. They draw upon a variety of institutional and trusted sources.

  • Keywords

    The emotional and relational key word cards are 21 meaningful words concerning people’s approach toward relationships. They describe emotions – like rage or shame; attitudes toward oneself or the others – like trust or care; and feelings – like vulnerability or pride.

  • Settings

    The landscape cards depict 10 different sceneries of ordinary life, like an urban space, a classroom or a party. They portray also online sceneries like a Facebook group or a chat on WhatsApp because we believe that online environments can be fully-fledged considered landscapes of ordinary life.

9 Stories

Alongside the cards you will find nine stories. They are not “true” stories, but they are grounded in the opinions and experiences of the teenagers we consulted during the project. Each story tackles violence in intimate relationships among teenagers from a different perspective in terms of main character, typology of experience and challenges to be met. They are nuanced on purpose, meaning that each story has its own internal complexity that forces the reader to avoid easy answers and to reflect on the different elements the story puts into question.

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The contents of these cards have been developed by a multidisciplinary and transnational work team of professionals from the partner organizations.

  • Art director & Illustrator: Arianna Vairo
  • Graphic Designer: Luca Lattuga.